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                    DAILY SCHEDULE

We are building in time for networking and initiating your own meetings at this conference. There is always breathing room at Praxis conferences.


9:30 am   Welcome and Announcements

10:00    Georgia Kelly
The Economics of Sustainability: What Would it Look Like?

                                       Conference Overview       
10:30    Michael Brune  America's Energy Future: Cleaner, Better, Brighter

11:00        BREAK  Scones and cookies from Arizmendi Bakery, a worker-owned
                                      cooperative in San Rafael, will be available at all morning breaks.

11:30     Osprey Orielle Lake  Rights of Nature and Earth Economics

12:00     Gar Alperovitz  Sustainability: Confronting the System Question hear on

12:30     Janet Redman  Progressive Public Policy: How We Get There From Here

1:00 pm     LUNCH

2:30 - 4:30   WORKSHOPS - Full descriptions of all workshops are on the
                                                  Workshops page on this site.

                         1. Rights of Nature, Communities, and Economics
                               Osprey Orielle Lake and Shannon Biggs

                          2. Money: The Invisible Operating System
                                Marco Vangelisti

                          3. Accelerating the Rise of the Not-for-Profit Economy
                                 Donnie Maclurcan

                          4. Move to Amend: Abolish Corporate Constitutional Rights and
                                   Money Equals Speech
                                  David Cobb and Jessica Munger

5:00 - 7:15     FREE TIME and DINNER

7:30            Lisa Kristine, Conference Artist-in-Residence

7:45            Liher Pillado, Radical Educational Innovation at Team Academy
                                                  Mondragon University, Spain (an Introduction)

8:00             Richard Heinberg  Why Resource Depletion, Climate Change, and
                                                            Debt Spell the End of Economic Growth



9:30 am         Don Shaffer  Remaking the Food System: An Integrated Approach
                                                   to Financing

10:00             Nikki Sylvestri  Building Compassion and Discipline in the Climate
                                                       Justice Movement

10:30             Mayor Gayle McLaughlin  The Road to Democracy Runs Through                                                                       Richmond, CA

11:00               BREAK

11:30                   Randy Hayes  The Great U-Turn from Cheater Economics to True
                                                    Cost Economics

12:00 pm              Andrew Kimbrell  The End of the Age of Capitalism?

12:30                    Q & A

1:00                 LUNCH

3:00 - 5:00            WORKSHOPS

                              1. Alternatives to Unbridled Growth
                                   Andrew Kimbrell and Randy Hayes

                               2. Mondragon Team Academy: A Model that Supports
                                  Environmental sustainability, social justice and Economic
                                  Democracy through Cooperative Radical Innovation of
                                  Education  - Liher Pillado

                                3.Pro-Active Leadership
                                   Lynne and Bill Twist

5:00 - 7:15         FREE TIME and DINNER

7:30                      Jihan Gearon  Navigating Contradictions: A Just Transition for
                                                         the Navajo Nation

8:00                       David Korten  Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living
                                                            Economy for a Living Earth



9:30 am             Mark Hertsgaard  Climate Change and the US Petro State

10:00                 Michael Peck  One Worker, One Vote and the Nationwide
                                                    Union/Coop Movement

10:30                  Ellen Brown  How Public Banking Supports Sustainability

11:00            BREAK

11:30                   Special Praxis Presentation

11:45                   Pio Aguirre  The Role of the Credit Cooperative in the
                                                   Development of Worker-Owned Cooperatives, the
                                                   Mondragon Case

12:15                   PANEL on the Cooperative Model in Europe and the Bay Area
                               Pio Aguirre, Melissa Hoover, Joseph Tuck, Tim Huet, and 
                               Michael Peck. Moderator: Georgia Kelly    

1:00              LUNCH

2:00                      Julianne Maurseth and Georgia Kelly lead a discussion of the
                             Praxis book, Uncivil Liberties: Deconstructing Libertarianism.

3:00 - 5:00            WORKSHOPS     

                              1. How to Start a Cooperative: An Interactive Workshop
                                   Sushil Jacob and Ricardo Nunez

                              2. Beyond Capitalism
                                   Marco Vangelisti

                              3. Move to Amend: Abolish Corporate Constitutional Rights
                                    and Money Equals Speech
                                    David Cobb and Jessica Munger

                               4. Additional workshop TBA

5:30 - 7:15       FREE TIME and DINNER

7:30                       George Lakoff  How Systemic Causation Affects Sustainability

8:10                       Mark Z. Jacobson  Roadmaps to Transitioning all 50 US states
                                                      to Wind, Water and Solar Power for All Purposes

8:45                       Closing Panel  and Q & A with Lakoff and Jacobson


Thursday, October 9 - An Extra Day!

We have reserved 4 breakout rooms for 2-hour sessions, for a total of 12 sessions.This space is designed for participant sponsored meetings, workshops, and campaigns.This is an extra day with no presentations. Some sessions will be announced prior to the conference; others will be created at the conference. These programs must finish by 4:45 pm.

Available times:

                          9:30 - 11:30
                        12:30 -  2:00
                          2:30 -  4:30