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Praxis Peace Institute and RSF Social Finance

invite you to an in-depth exploration of economic solutions to the crisis we face today.

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James K. Galbraith,
David Korten,  Tom Greco,
U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Vandana Shiva, Judy Wicks (BALLE), Mikel Lezamiz and Fred Freundlich (Mondragn Cooperatives, Spain), Sam Keen, Jacob Needleman, Ellen Brown, Andrew Kimbrell, A.T. Ariaratne, and others. Click on Presenters' link below for bios of speakers.

NEW! Sonoma State University is offering a workshop within this conference as well as 2 units of credit for participation in The Economics of Peace Conference. CEUs will also be available.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), E.F. Schumacher Society, Green America, Mother Jones Magazine, North Bay Bohemian, Sonoma Community Center, Esalen Institute, Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative, Westerbeke Ranch, YES! Magazine and others.

In the midst of economic collapse, we are compelled to seek wiser systems of commerce and more equitable economic relationships. While it is imperative that we understand the history of our economic structures and what went wrong, it is equally important that we experience the outstanding examples of collaborative business practices that are changing the economic landscape today. Examples include cooperative businesses, complementary currencies, green business, green jobs, slow money, slow food, living wage initiatives, social finance, credit unions, BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), and more.

The challenge before us is to align the efforts and energies of the millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations that are working to transform our failing economy. "The Economics of Peace" Conference will provide a space for such independent networks and organizations to form deeper levels of collaboration and to begin describing the next economic paradigm. In essence, it will be a place for the imaginal cells of a movement to begin transforming economic relationships to better serve people and planet.
What would economic relationships look like if fear and scarcity were replaced with collaboration and generosity? If poverty were eradicated? If everyone had meaningful employment?

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